What is wxC?
The wxWidgets project provides a popular C++ based framework for GUI programming. In order to port this framework to the Eiffel, Haskell and Ocaml programming languages some efforts have been made in the ELJ and wxHaskell projects. Because it was not possible to use C++ directly from these languages an interfacing layer was written in C in order to produce libraries for linking the functionality of wxWidgets dynamically resp. statically. Originally these projects used the same code base but have diverged in implementation details. The wxC project is the attempt to join the efforts again.
The long-term goal is to provide C based import libraries for wxWidgets which can be used in any environment that is unable to bind to the original C++ framework.
Projects involved:
Project page at SourceForge: http://sf.net/projects/wxc
Related projects:
ELJ: http://elj.sourceforge.net
ELJ (SF project page): http://sourceforge.net/projects/elj
wxHaskell: http://wxhaskell.sourceforge.net
wxHaskell (SF project page): http://sourceforge.net/projects/wxhaskell